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Equipment Operator II Full time (Non-Exempt) Facilities Maintenance 03/05/2019
Heavy Equipment Operator Full time (Non-Exempt) Infrastructure Repairs 03/04/2019
Equipment Operator I Full time (Non-Exempt) Facilities Maintenance 03/01/2019
Laborer Full time (Non-Exempt) Facilities Maintenance 03/01/2019
Coordinator Full time (Non-Exempt) Special Projects 01/29/2019
Citizen Service Center Representative Full time (Non-Exempt) Property Management 01/24/2019
Project Manager Full Time (Exempt) Risk Mitigation 01/04/2019
Assistant Project Manager Full Time (Exempt) Project Management 12/21/2018
Commissioner's Court Coordinator Full time (Non-Exempt) Support Services 12/19/2018
Project Manager Full Time (Exempt) Engineering 11/06/2018
Feasibility Study Project Manager Full Time (Exempt) Feasibility Study 08/17/2018
Accounting Analyst Full Time (Exempt) Project and Grant Accounting 06/20/2018

Your Results: 1—12 of 12